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Addis Ababa has emerged victorious as one of the ten global cities to be honored by the Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure (BICI) program.

Amongst a pool of 275 cities spanning five continents, a select group of 10 cities, encompassing nations such as Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Italy, Albania, New Zealand, Portugal, Colombia, Kenya, and Mozambique, secured triumph in this competitive endeavor.

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The distinction awarded to Addis Ababa is attributed to its ambitious endeavor to establish the largest bicycle street in Africa. This noteworthy accomplishment, coupled with a forward-looking proposal to elevate this triumph to greater heights, solidified its place as a BICI laureate.

In recognition of its achievements, Addis Ababa is set to receive a substantial grant of $400,000 as part of the initiative’s mission to combat climate change and enhance diverse transportation options for its residents.

The laureate cities will not only benefit from financial support but will also gain access to invaluable technical assistance to aid in their cycling infrastructure endeavors.

Utilizing the funding facilitated by the Bloomberg Initiative, these cities will channel their efforts into creating dedicated bike lanes, thereby enhancing the well-being and safety of their citizens while fostering a culture of sustainable transportation.

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