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Yonas Kebede and his family in beautiful photos

Fathers have three essential tasks in almost every culture studied: protector, provider, and disciplinarian. Before digging into each of these roles, it’s important noting that in many two-parent families these three functions are shared equally by moms and dads nowadays. Mothers keep their children safe by tightening seatbelts and securing them in vehicle seats, as well as monitoring internet usage and checking the environment for any possible dangers. In order to support their families, mothers, like dads, work outside the house. Furthermore, today’s women are harsher with their children than previous generations, when the remark “you wait till your father gets home” was commonplace. When a mother is expecting, one of the methods we’ve utilized is to urge males to baby-proof or child-proof their homes. What can they do to get their home ready for the birth of the child? This is one way that fathers may keep their children safe from risks in the home. They can also keep their children safe from threats outside the home. This is especially crucial in areas where there is a lot of violence since the youngster can be exposed to gang or criminal activities.

In connection with their children, women experience the world through their children’s eyes. Fathers frequently judge their children based on how they interact with the outside world.

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