Yetnayet Tamiru a successful business woman speaks

During a meeting with ABC and Addis Media Network, the members of the Addis Ababa city administration cabinet emphasized the fundamental nature of the cabinet’s decision on the multilingual curriculum.

They asserted that this decision safeguards citizens’ basic rights and underscores the commitment to uphold constitutional rights and international agreements ratified by Ethiopia. The cabinet officials highlighted that the Prosperity Party has adopted a language policy at the national level, designating five languages as the party’s working languages. This stance, they noted, has received government approval. The Minister of Education has crafted a language policy to facilitate the implementation of multilingualism, forming the basis for the cabinet’s decision, in alignment with both national and international principles. Emphasizing the decision’s role in nation-building, the officials underscored its significance in fostering a robust economic and political society that brings people closer together, reinforcing national unity. They further highlighted the practical importance of language proficiency, as citizens’ mobility for work and trade necessitates familiarity with multiple languages and the ability to communicate effectively across different regions.

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