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YeLeb Weg stars Hiwot Arage and Sofia Mohammed.

Part two of the interview with actors Hiwot Arage and Sofia Mohammed on the YeLeb Weg program. Traditional string instruments in the Highlands include the Masenqo (also known as Masinko), a one-string bowed lute; the krar (also known as Kirar), a six-string lyre; and the begena, a large ten-string lyre.

The Dita (a five-string lyre) and musical bows (including an uncommon three-string version) are two chordophones found in the south. In Ethiopia, musicians have traditionally utilized the washint, an end-blown flute made of wood, bamboo, or cane, to communicate oral history.

The Kebero is a large hand drum used in Orthodox Christian liturgy. Smaller Kebero drums can be used in secular rituals. The Negarit, which is played with a curved stick and has a liturgical purpose among Beta Israel, is primarily heard in secular settings such as royal feasts or proclamation announcements.

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