What happened in the Ethiopian church?

During a gathering at the Audemhret Church, a tragic incident unfolded. The chief administrator, Melaka Menkrat Komos, formerly the head of the Church of Debre Sun St. George in France, was shot while blessing the attendees. Previously, he had served as the head of the Church of Saints in Bole Bulbula, succeeding Abba Ermias.

The incident occurred on November 1, 2016, during a two-day conference organized by the parish at Bole Bulbula Holy Father Samuel Church. Following the assembly, as they were bestowing blessings upon the worshippers, an individual opened fire, causing injuries. Prompt medical attention was sought, and the victims were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The cross, a symbol of salvation and Christian faith, holds significant importance. Reflecting the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, it embodies peace, deliverance, victory, and the eternal hope of resurrection.

Ethiopia, known as the island of Christianity, prominently features the cross in various shapes, each carrying rich symbolism. Beyond its spiritual significance, the cross is believed to convey blessings of bodily health and divine protection from evil spirits. It is utilized in Church services, sacraments, and processions, symbolizing a connection to the four corners of the world.

Processional Crosses, featuring a shallow shaft and a wooden handle called “matsor,” serve both symbolic and practical purposes. The lower arms, shaped like loops, hold a hanging cloth, symbolizing the linen used to wrap Jesus’ body. This intricate symbolism is integral to various Church ceremonies and rituals.

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