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What does your tongue’s color say about your health?

The tongue may give information about what is going on within our bodies and is a key sign of our health. The tongue, for example, is related to many of our essential organs, and its many colors, textures, coatings, and forms might reveal information about our health. By being more familiar with what occurs on your tongue, you may learn how to decipher your body’s messages.
It is natural and healthful to have a pink tongue. Internal heat, such as a fever, or a hormonal imbalance can cause a red tongue. Inflammation or illness in the body can cause a reddish-purple tongue.
A light pink tongue might suggest a vitamin deficit, a weakened immune system, or an insufficient supply of energy.
The presence of a thick coating indicates poor gut health or digestive issues. A yellowish covering on the body shows that it is contaminated. A gray or blackish covering implies a long-term digestive illness or that your body’s health is significantly compromised. A thick white covering on the extremities implies poor circulation or a yeast infection.
Nutrient malabsorption may be indicated by a swollen tongue with scalloped edges or depressed teeth marks. Dehydration might be indicated by an extremely thin tongue.

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