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What became of the groom?

There is nothing we can do to earn Christ’s love. We can only trust and believe in the finality of his work on the cross. In marriage, we have minimal control over our wives’ actions. They’re only human, therefore they’re bound to make mistakes. We put our faith in God’s work in their hearts (and our own), and we’re given peace and hope to keep going while He continues His good work. It’s a fantastic cardiac examination. When worry, tension, and anxiety creep in as a result of life or each other, we’re learning to ask ourselves, “How are we not believing the Gospel in this situation?” The Holy Spirit is faithful to convict and correct us whenever we try to put ourselves (or someone or anything else) in God’s proper place. Christ is the only one who can keep us going, and he deserves all of the credit for our marriage’s success. This relieves us of the duty of “correcting” our marriages while also giving him all the credit when things are going well. When Jesus is at the center, we’re both focused on him, which makes us want to love each other more deeply. If you’re reading this, no matter where you are in your marriage, I hope it inspires you. The fact that you’re hearing about Jesus is evidence of God’s call and grace on your life! Take it easy on yourself. God is at work, and no matter where you are, He is enough for you. Our desire is for you and your spouse to grow closer to Christ and see each other as partners in God’s never-ending pursuit of you both. There are various aspects of intimacy that can help a marriage/relationship develop, stay strong, and get back on track when things have gotten distant or difficult. When a couple feels something isn’t quite right, they ponder what’s wrong and what they can do to fix it. When conflicts arise or they have drifted apart, the four areas of closeness described below can help a couple determine how close they are and how to improve their relationship.

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