Abrham Alene speaks on current affairs


Ethiopia News - Zehabesha News, Abrham Alene on TPLF and Amhara. The TPLF Force under the tactical order of General Tsadkan Gebretensay has been completely annihilated by the Ethiopian National Defense Forces. The fear-monger unexpected with an enormous number of warriors entitled Army 2 was being driven by Maj.- Gen Yohannes and its subordinate Maesho Beyene and Kebede Fekadu and an automated pioneer Colonel Gebreselasse has been completely demolished, the National Defense Force Communication Directorate reported. 


Powers of the fear monger components that were utilizing Gashena town as a post and attacked a few sections going from Wadiya to Lalibela towns have been crushed in facilitated counterattacks by the public armed force, Regional Special Forces, Amhara Militia, and laborers. Dissipated powers of the fear-based oppressor bunch in Market, Muja, Nifas Mewcha, and encompassing regions are being brought to pieces like countless gunneries and military gear have been caught by the military. 


The Russian Federation approached the worldwide local area and provincial associations to help the means taken by the Ethiopian Government to standardize the circumstance in Tigray to return the district to harmony and reestablish ordinary life. 


In new press instructions, Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that her nation accepts that Ethiopians themselves should assume a definitive part in settling the intra-Ethiopian struggle, essentially with the help of the African people group.

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