I would be happy if we get married - Lovely couple


The account of Abdulalim and Mewded. My pulse has expanded, and I couldn't want anything more than to get hitched. Ongoing occasions have shown that such opinion isn't just divided among Ethiopians yet additionally with agreeable African nations also. At the debut occasion hung on Monday evening at the Meskel square, African heads of states and legislatures who went to the occasion highlighted a similar point. 


Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, reminded Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) that today individuals of Ethiopia have given him "an order to lead, a command to bring harmony, a command to fabricate dependability and an order to bring every one individual of Ethiopia together." 


The Kenyan President said: "Our expectation, petition, and backing will be with you as you unite this country. Ethiopia is the mother of African freedom. Ethiopia is the just uncolonized country." 


He discussed Ethiopia's remarkable job in ensuring that the African public is allowed to decide their own fate. In this way, for us all in the landmass, he affirmed, Ethiopia is our mom. "On the off chance that the mother can't find a sense of contentment, neither can the family find a sense of contentment." He communicated his craving for a quiet and stable Ethiopia and eventually a serene, stable, and prosperous Africa.

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