Solutions for under eye dark circles and wrinkles


We’ve all had a day where we’ve woken up less than well-rested, only to see dark circles appear under our eyes. For some, this is a minor issue that pops up every now and again but, for many patients, dark under-eye circles, under eye puffiness, and under-eye bags can be a constant issue. Whether it’s a natural genetic trait or it has been exacerbated by the natural aging process, dark circles under the eye can force patients to feel as though they look less energized, youthful, or radiant.


There are a variety of treatment options which Dr. Michele Green has perfected, as an expert in New York in cosmetic dermatology, which can help you improve the look of your tired eyes. Whether the problem is the appearance of dark shadows under the eyes, under-eye bags, puffy eyes, or fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, Dr. Green has specific rejuvenating treatments to improve each of these cosmetic issues. Each treatment is designed to help revitalize the look of the eyes by either targeting the underlying cause to treat dark circles or, if the cause is genetic, lightening the appearance of dark circles, boosting collagen, or helping to revitalize thin skin in the eye area.

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