Amhara Special Forces Graduation Video


Ethiopia News - Zehabesha News, Lake Ayalew, Amhara Special Force Parade, Lake Ayalew Speech at Debre Markos. Tending to the convention, Prosperity Party External Relations Head, Bikilla Hurisa, said the unholy marriage the Shene should disintegrate the evil wedding is set up with the fear-based oppressor TPLF and apologize to individuals of Oromia. The demonstrators on their part recited "TPLF and Shene are adversaries of Ethiopia", "Shene is Oromifa speaking TPLF", and "We will battle swindlers joined together." 


Bikila further said that a specialist can't recruit another specialist. Accordingly the specialist Shene should break its servitude with the ruinous TPLF. The head noticed that the topic of the Oromo is uniformity. Consequently attempting to give an easy route to capacity to a gathering that had been tormenting individuals for as far back as 27 years won't succeed. 


Legetafo town city hall leader, Habiba Siraj said on her part "our childhood can't be specialists to anybody however join the National Defense Force of anyone." Thousands of youth have joined the National Defense Force to annihilate the adversaries, and I by and by stress that the adolescent is sane and not willing to fill in as a specialist, she added.

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