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Ethiopia's sloping and for the most part unattainable domain tended from early events to disengage the country and contributed much towards the protection of its opportunity in the hour of the Scramble for Africa. 


One of the most captivating pieces of Ethiopian history, and one which is regularly commented upon, is the way that the country saved its opportunity all through the traveler's time span. Expansionism henceforth happened particularly on the seaboard, where the Italians set up the settlement of Eritrea in the late nineteenth century, and for the five years of Mussolini's extraordinarily short occupation from 1936 to 1941. A fourth of a century earlier Daniel Thwaite wrote in his African Melting Pot, inscribed an "Examination of Black Nationalism": 


"Ethiopia's Prestige" 


Ethiopia's brilliance in Africa ensuing upon her successful achievement in repelling interruption, and in having remained unconquered reliably, is in every practical sense, inconceivable. To the Africans when in doubt, not only to individuals who brought her as a liberator, she stays as a stone milestone, a living model and revelation of the regular puissance of the dull race, the sanctum encasing the last consecrated shimmer of African political freedom, the immune stone of dim resistance against white assault, a living picture, an appearance of African opportunity."

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