Ethiopiaye receives more than we expected - Rahel Getu


Seifu On EBS - Interview with Ethiopian craftsman Rahel Getu with have Seifu Fantahun. This week alone has in excess of 5 live occasions agreed with a large portion of the occasions booking their ticket deals early. The previous week had the chance to engage one of the greatest music fests of the year, the Bermel fest, rounding out the Kana stockroom with nearby music sweethearts. 


It was the Shega occasion's greatest achievement since they began their occasion sorting out venture. Yonatan Mulugeta unquestionably said that any individual who got the opportunity to go to the occasion will undoubtedly make some "Shega" memories. Occasion coordinators are staying at work past 40 hours to convey the most secure most charming live occasions. 


Shega occasions recognized the current spike in cases yet they accept they are exceptional and ready than they were a year prior. "We think if the right safeguards and measures are taken, we could continue to make a place of refuge where everybody could come and partake in a fun time. 


On the off chance that live occasions do get restricted, web-based media would be the way. On the off chance that you recall, Live Events on Instagram and YouTube were getting a ton of traffic. I believe that is the most ideal approach in the event that we arrive at that point." People will continue to go out for occasions; so the coherent thing is to discover safe methods of doing that and the new spike in live occasions recommends that it is the methodology that is being applied.

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