Life of mother and her son


Undoubtedly, the reputation of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce have recently climbed all through season 2, completing an outstanding 14.8% of the cross-country swarm watching scene 15. 


This has sex ft. Marriage and Divorce is the most popular title on TV Chosun and the association decidedly won't want to permit an especially advantageous asset for the end after only two seasons. 


All around, Netflix doesn't convey their position viewership for particular series, yet this sensation has furthermore scored dependably on various locales, Thankfully, the doorway is surely open to another season (account shrewd) – something insinuated by the creation bunch who communicated that "there could be an unexpected conclusion" that itself exhibits season 3 is on the cards. 


Inquisitively, if the K-performance is re-energized for season 3, it may dispatch on Netflix sooner than many fans may comprehend. Season 2 dispatched only a brief time frame after the chief season shut, showing the series could return when mid-November 2021. 


Regardless, contemplating the creation schedule and the shortfall of information on season 3, HITC predicts that Love ft Marriage and Divorce will return for season 3 in January 2022.

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