Yared Negu responds to the issue


What befell the two specialists? Craftsman Yared reacted to the issue. Yared was brought up in Merkato, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Yared lost his dad and mom in his initial age. At the point when his dad realized that he was going to of an obscure illness, he offered Yared to one of his companions, who sold charcoals and leased her little home professionally. 


Yared turned into an artist for famous neighborhood bunches Kemise and Hahu, and later joined Ras Theater, which enabled his melodic energy and put on the track of his vocation starting. In 2015, Yared delivered his first single which is named "Yebelegn", and got many hits. Following 2 years, Yared again delivered his subsequent single called "Yemerkato Arada", and got famous. Following this, he delivered extremely famous music which is "Adi-Mera", "Zelelaye", "Hulumu Agere", "Chemere", "Yagute" and "Zora". 


In her excursion as an artist, Millen Hailu, other than her imaginative abilities to make extraordinary video cuts, has figured out how to concoct lovely tunes that assume control over her fans' hearts. 


Back and forth discussion presents this splendid artist, choreographer, chef, and entertainer. Millen actually means to settle the score greater and sparkles across media outlets of Eritrea. I think I got my moving side interest from my aunts. I used to see them all dance around the house and I certainly can say that I have been intensely affected by their excitement.

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