10 points that show our relationship is in danger


Make the compartment holding the ring as an assurance on the treat plate at your favored bistro. 


Set up a gift container of yummy treats—like dull chocolate, coffee, or fresh natural item—and hide the ring among the presents (in its carton, so it doesn't lose all ability to know east from west in the treats). 


A solicitation that the cake cook express, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate sauce around the edge of a baked good plate. 


35. Solicitation that a bread cook makes a custom cake with the suggestion sent in icing. Have the cake displayed in the client confronting exterior and take your associate window-shopping. Bring the cake home to share and celebrate consequently. 


Print a custom imprint with your responsibility recommendation created on it by then spot it on an excessive container of vino to toast with after they state "yes." 


Go to a diner and solicitation the "specials" menu. The worker will get back with a piece of paper you've planted that scrutinizes your suggestion to be locked in the message.

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