What's with between Christian Tadele and Birtukan Mideksa


Addis Ababa University Assistant Professor, Samuel Tefera disclosed to ENA that the second round filling of GERD will change the entire pattern of the continuous three sided arrangement on the dam.

"The impoundment of the dam in July would totally change the norm of the three-dimensional arrangement and would carry further developed and reasonable plans to the table rather than contentions and the disinformation saw now," he noted.

The discussions "would be much about how to direct water throughout the years to the downstream nations, especially Sudan and Egypt, just as about soil and water protection exercises so the dam could hold the tremendous volume of water, keep away from dissipation misfortunes and anything that has to do with a supported water use among the three nations," Samuel explained.

It is to be reviewed that Ethiopia as of late reported that the second round filling of the dam will be finished according to the timetable this stormy season. When the filling is finished, the three sided talks will zero in on more feasible use of the water assets, the master added.

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