Worku Aytenew's speech to the military trainee


Ethiopia News - Worku Aytenew's discourse to the tactical learner. Comfortable Masresha (Pen name), a Public Relations and Strategic Communications master at Semera University, goes a bit further and reasons that the TPLF correspondence endeavors have "100%" matchless quality over that of the central government. 


He noticed that TPLF has controlled worldwide media in spite of manufacturing lies and surveyed that the framed has utilized global media to engender these creations. Globally, he thinks the pattern has been changing as of late with the worldwide local area presently turning out to be more open to reports that uncover TPLF's abominations. 


Locally, comfortably accepts that the Ethiopian government didn't do a decent interchanges work as he utilized the killing of regular people in Amhara and Afar districts by the TPLF as an avoidable misfortune that might have been stayed away from with a decent correspondences work from the public authority. 


Teshager (Ph.D.) of the AAU, notwithstanding, contends that the Ethiopian government has the advantage in generally nearby and global interchanges commitment. As indicated by him, the effective enrollment of troopers is a demonstration of the accomplishment of nearby interchanges endeavors by the public authority while the steady utilization of rationale and sensible reports at a global stage is attracting more worldwide media to see its vantage point. He raised the new report of outrages submitted by the TPLF in the Amhara area by the Daily Telegraph and the BBC's 'stifling' meeting of Getachew Reda on Hard talk as occasions of more regrettable tales about the TPLF on worldwide media.

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