Naod Tube Daily Ethiopian News March 24, 2021


Abiy Ahmed Executive shrewdly in truth, after broke up by subject matter experts, that nearby Eritrean soldiers have entered Tigray, where its quintessence has requested "harm" in the inhabitants of the territory. 


"The reports show that the detestations have been introduced in the Tigray zone," said Abiy in a put-on Tuesday under the consistent look of capital authorities, Addis Ababa. 


The conflict is "Something alarming," he said, imparting in the local's Amharic language. "We know the destruction that this contention has caused." He said that the fighters who attacked the women or completed various abnormalities will be viewed as mindful, regardless of the way that he alluded to the "declaration of twisting" on the facade of the freedom of Tigray, the gathering that Before predominant, whose pioneers tried Abiy's genuineness after the deferral of the race. A year prior. 


Noticing the itemized presence of Eritrean fighters in Ethiopia, Abiy said they crossed the breaking point and reached out to Tigray, "hurting our family members ... we won't remember it."

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