Let's hear the breaking news of the victory and the TPLF's serious actions


The catch of Tigray's capital, Mekelle, by Ethiopian forces in late November was depicted by the public expert in Addis Ababa as the finishing hit to powers dependable toward the northern region's past government. 


However, on June 29, seven months after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced victory, his fighters deserted Mekelle amidst milestone defeats following the dispatch of a critical counteroffensive by the Tigrayan powers. 


Ethiopia announces ceasefire as progressives retake Tigray capital 


Ethiopia declares ceasefire in Tigray, rebels retake Mekelle 


Tigray powers pursue down pulling out Ethiopian-Eritrean warriors 


Hours after the flight of the city, Ethiopia announced that it had set up an uneven ceasefire, evidently for charitable reasons. 


"The standard target of the ceasefire is to work with assistance movements and award farmers to foster their harvests in agreement," Abraham Belay, top of Tigray's as of now removed span association, explained in an area on state TV before long the takeover.

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