Tedros Adhanom speech on Tigray


What did Dr. Tedros Adhanom say today regarding the Tigray war? It is to be reviewed that the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Gutierrez, said at the time that he was condemned the action against the seven individual specialists of UN offices. 


As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the infringement submitted by these people were "redirection of helpful help to the TPLF, infringement of settled upon security game plans, the moving of correspondence gear to be utilized by the TPLF, proceeded with hesitance in requesting the arrival of in excess of 400 trucks appropriated by the TPLF for military activation and for the transportation of its powers since July 2021, and spread of deception and politicization of philanthropic help." 


Addressing ENA, Tewodros Getachew, a legitimate master, said Ethiopia has the option to oust any ambassador or staff of multilateral associations that neutralize its public interest and meddles in the undertakings of the country. He added that global laws and practices restrict any activity of negotiators that conflicts with the public interest and power of the getting state. 


As per him, the 1961 Vienna Convention on strategic relations unequivocally expresses the commitment of representatives to regard the laws and guidelines of the facilitating state and non-obstruction in the homegrown undertakings of a similar state.

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