Press Statement by Amhara Regional President Agegnehu Teshager


Gotten some information about Oromia Special Zone. As of late one of the bank, presidents has gotten a twofold advancement in his compensation because of the Board of Directors dreading to lose him notwithstanding his worth as seen from the partners who like his accomplishments.

Likewise, senior brokers in various banks are getting various motivators like giving a huge number of birr advance plans and giving bank shares other than an alluring and remarkable compensation increase. "The new plan of giving distinctive consolation activities by banks for their representatives may shift from one situation to another yet a large portion of the recipients are the individuals who worked for a long time.

At the given bank and that is locked in on the exercises from a chief level," one of the senior financiers at one of them since a long time ago settled banks told Capital. Then again, the new participants are in a difficult situation with regards to securing specialists in various positions including a CEO or president, which is needed to get a permit for activity from NBE.

Specialists said for these exceptional new banks one of the weights and significant expenses is compensation since they need to pay a cutthroat entirety to pull in talented workers, who will come from grounded monetary firms.

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