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Modernized portfolios can help you with understanding who you are becoming during the time spent capable turn of events. Right when ePortfolios are used methodicallly as a critical piece of BA-preparing, they can deal with the plan between assigned abilities and examination practices. From understudies' appearance, we can see obviously that ePortfolios as a workspace can function as stages for connecting with participation among partners and teachers. In these cases the impression of relatedness, as a critical piece of motivation creation (for instance Ryan and Deci 2000) can work as a trigger for understudies. While reflecting your making capacities alongside your buddies, you can see your own characteristics and qualities, and this can update your motivation to make them significantly more direct. 


The middle social affair of this article showed elevating standpoints towards ePortfolio creation, in which the trigger can be the inspiration to participate in assessment measure as of late. Ideally, when understudies can methodicallly start making their own ePortfolios from the start of their examinations, they similarly manufacture their autonomy by making their own space and obligation regarding own learning. The vibe of autonomy is central in fortifying and as an instructor you can arrange learning minutes for understudies to foster that (for instance Reeve and Jang 2006). In this way, the seed for profound learning is being planted.

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