The captive of the TPLF soldiers speak


The authority visit denoted the 125th commemoration of Ethio-Turkish relations and finished with the consenting to of four arrangements, as per the Office of the Prime Minister. Appropriately, the two nations have marked a Memorandum of Understanding on participation in the field of water, Military Framework Agreement, Implementation Protocol in regards to Financial Assistance, and Military Financial Cooperation Agreement. 


Over the span of the authority visit, Prime Minister Abiy laid a wreath at the Anitkabir Mausoleum and shared, "Ethiopia appreciates its binds with Turkey established in a typical comprehension of regard and trust, befitting two old civilizations with rich societies and customs." Following a warm inviting service for the Prime Minister at the Presidential Palace, the two chiefs held a two-sided meeting with their assignments in which both communicated their obligation to additional fortifying of participation. 


"The arrangements we have marked are reinforcing of our relations. I like Turkey's help in Ethiopia's turn of events and dependability," Prime Minister Abiy said. Ethiopia will always remember the crucial time participation individuals and administration of Turkey stretched out to Ethiopia, Abiy Twitted.

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