Hanna Yohannes a funeral very few attended


Craftsman Hanna Yohannes stays with Ethiopians who have numerous abilities. Surprising in most Ethiopian female vocalists, yet additionally for her particular taste of outfits and embellishments, both western and conventional in inception, that frequently render her appearance a limit tastefulness both in and off stage, and her splendidly lit, inquisitive, and sharp looking eyes that never really hide her entrancing certainty uncommon among ladies in Ethiopia.

A pioneer in increasing the expectations of Amharic popular music by carrying it to the world stage, Tsedenia has been off the public's consideration throughout the previous few years. Presently she has returned to the scenes – with a more heartfelt touch. That incredible voice of Tsedenia is still however dazzling as it seemed to be regardless of whether she was on a long maternity break following the introduction of her twin young men.

She presently says she is on another experience of combining customary Ethiopian instruments with an advanced deep solid, thinking of her own remarkable plan that makes a refreshingly new sort of popular music.

A couple of months prior, Tsedenia had delivered a unique single named Hememe (my torment), a blend of customary jazz with a contemporary fly wherein she capably moves her profound, lively voice to sing how the affection for her life fixes her torment with the bit of his adoration and of his palm.

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