The youngest Ethiopian-born millionaire


Hanna Bogale, The most youthful Ethiopian-conceived tycoon. Hanna Bogale was brought into the world in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has been partnered with the accompanying associations: Community College of Denver Business Administration, Advisory Board Ethiopian American Civic Council, Head of Finance. 


Hanna Bogale, a flourishing business visionary here in Colorado, a civil rights protector and local area advocate. I'm likewise the originator of Lucy, a charitable fully intent on enabling and teaching oppressed ladies all throughout the planet to become business visionaries. I'm a first era Ethiopian American associated with numerous social and political exercises, at present the head of money for the Ethiopian American Civic Council. I'm hurrying to carry mindful and various administration to Aurora City board. 


A social business person due to my enthusiasm and exertion at making positive changes in our general public through large numbers of my little drives. In the course of recent years, our associations have had the option to give open positions to an enormous number of individuals, and it's a marker of our development, yet having the cognizance of the experiencing that families keep on suffering day by day, and having the option to accommodate many such families. 


Nowadays we appear to be partitioned dependent on our race or religion, however I might want to expose that idea. I have two stories that I think may assist individuals with seeing an alternate point of view. I was once assigned to be on the leading body of an African exchange association here in Colorado. I got all energized in light of the fact that I felt that position would assist me with contacting more Africans.

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