The controversial moment with the artist


JTV Ethiopia Heart Touching Moment With Israel Alebachew The Daughter Of The Late Artist Alebachew Teka 


Great Ethiopian Run has won the “Best International Race” award.


The Great Ethiopian Run is an annual 10-kilometre road running event held in Addis Ababa every year since 2001.


The last event was staged on 18th November 2018 with 44,000 participants, which makes it the biggest 10km road race in Africa.


The 19th edition of TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run 10km will be on 17 November 2019.


Many on the left, meanwhile, respond to the idea in knee-jerk fashion, believing that a consumption tax must somehow be regressive because sales taxes are regressive. They fail to understand that a progressive sales tax can be implemented entirely differently.


Of course, any large change in federal taxation has complex effects, including from its interaction with state and local tax systems. And the US Congress probably has an innate bias in favor of a complex tax system with lots of loopholes and exemptions, giving members leverage over potential donors. But that is all the more reason to jump at the opportunity to clean up the system and help mitigate wealth inequality at the same time.

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