Did the Amhara forces enter Welega?


Finally, the United Nations is apparently cautious with regards to Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) fearmonger get-togethers. The UN Branch office in Ethiopia on Thursday uncovered that the vitally 38 trucks that entered the Tigray locale of Ethiopia since July 12, 2021, returned. 


The all dwarf of trucks that entered the region, passing on sympathetic assistance, was 466. It infers that the TPLF clutched 428 trucks. The UN office in Ethiopia called it "concerning." 


The working environment tweeted, "Concerning. None of the 149 trucks in the parade that showed up at Mekelle Ethiopia last week returned. 


The Ethiopian Defense Force pulled out from the Tigray region of Ethiopia at the completion of June this year after the Federal organization of Ethiopia articulated uneven humane assistance – a decision that had been taught by, clearly, growing strain on the Ethiopian government on assumed grounds of blockading the transport of help in the Tigray locale.

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