Special gift to Gondar from the families of engineer Simegnew


The groups of Engineer Simegnew gave in excess of 770 books to Gonder city. "I don't figure a general public can develop and create on any measurement in the event that it doesn't have instruction. What's more, I imply that socially, socially, and monetarily. College training makes a gathering of individuals who will be better ready to interpret their regular assets and their HR into monetary thriving for their nation." said, Dr. Nicole Haggerty. 


"At the point when I caught wind of Textbooks for Change, it gave me the agreement that there is content that should be shared. What's more, I believe that is something to be thankful for. That is the means by which we will safeguard our current circumstances. Since as opposed to printing more books, we are utilizing what we have - to me, that is vital." said, Joseph Wafula 


We can make the up and coming age of specialists, business visionaries, and craftsmen by furnishing them the capacity to learn with excellent material. We can make the up and coming age of specialists, business people, and craftsmen by assisting understudies with learning top-notch material. 


Schooling goes about as an entryway for a large number of youngsters all throughout the planet. It gives youngsters the vital abilities to make individual progress and to change their networks. Each reading material we get is reused by understudies or reused effectively. We economically support our neighborhood and worldwide networks, book by book.

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