Yebeteseb Chewata Chapter 16 Part 4


The amusing and Entertaining TV show called Yebeteseb Chewata was facilitated by craftsman Nesanet Workneh. It is notable that the typical cost for basic items has soared as of late. The significant expense of living is to a great extent supported and man-made. The significant expense of living has put a strain on our city. 


Occupants of our town gave cash regarding the continuous mission to foil the fear-monger exercises of the TPLF in the northern piece of the country. Planning nourishment for the military; At when blood gift is costing his life, a couple of avaricious people are remaining the other way and straying from Ethiopian respectability and participating in different exercises to exploit the current emergency. 


To resolve the issue, the public authority is going to different lengths to withstand the surge of outside and inner tensions and to lessen the everyday environments of its residents. In like manner, the team set up to invert the financial emergency including the lower echelons of society is doing a great deal of work. 


For the time being, there have been critical changes in the exercises of the team. Aside from essential customer merchandise, the absurd and current lease increment is truly difficult for the existence of occupants. This is a distinct difference to Ethiopian graciousness and regard for the unmarried.

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