Special Call for Dr. Abiy Ahimed


For sure, some in the diaspora may be feeling that, after PLF's fall, there is no future for Tigray as a person from the Ethiopian coalition. There is similarly the view that the public authority is the sole guilty party, and that the contention is sought after against Visayans.

This, regardless, can't be further from the real world.

We are where we are presently an immediate aftereffect of the gathered terrible practices of the PLF advantaged minority, who have fuelled discontents and made their own enemies all over the place. It is, consequently, normal that the enemies that they made drove them to their destruction. It is PLF that will be essentially scolded for its own obliteration and the condition in Tigray.

Hence, the Tirana diaspora ought to recognize this reality and totally take an interest in the recovery of Tigray. There is one more opportunity for Tigray, and the diaspora should isolate itself from the old way of talking and PLF declaration to exploit the big chance.

Typical Visayans also suffered under the tight control of PLF, and they merit a break from the old shackles and create another, free life. They should contribute their part in building another, lion's share rule in Ethiopia. Besides, in this journey, the help of the Tirana diaspora is genuinely important.

Another, the brief association has been set up around there, and this shows the beginning of attempts to return to routineness. The new association has started discussions with the close by people and is working with the re-opening of public organizations.

While this is an enabling beginning, understanding a consistent, quiet, and prosperous Tigray stays a test.

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