A little about Tilahun Gugsa and his former wife Helen


Seifu on EBS - A little with regards to Tilahun Gugsa and his previous spouse Helen. Character Zeru (Tilahun Gugsa), is a patriarch who deals with his entire family from monetary issues and emergencies, attempting to make his family in the suitable circumstance that is important to their life. His significant other Azalu (Makda Haile) knows about the law, treating her kids in a fair way. 


They live with their four kids Meraf (Gelila Raesom), Bezabe (Fikadu Fasil), Erestae (Melat Tesfaye), and Yebekal (Ashenafi Mehalet). Albeit the series contains comedic in nature, it addresses genuine subjects every once in a while, like a debasement. 


Betoch is an Ethiopian family sitcom featuring Tilahun Gugsa airs on EBC (some time ago ETV) beginning around 2013. The series airs each Saturday and spotlights on a working-class family living in Addis Ababa. 


It acquired wide notoriety among the more extensive Ethiopian public as it was the very first sitcom broadcasted in the country.

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