Agegnehu Teshager broke his silence on current affairs


Articulation by Amhara Region President Agegnehu Teshager on Tigrai. Leader of the Amhara Regional State, Agegnehu Teshager declared that powers of the TPLF Terrorist bunch are being obliterated at a few fronts by solid checks including the battle of the more extensive public who acknowledged the call from the provincial government to battle the Junta. 


Agegnehu said that the powers of the fear-based oppressor undertaking are submitting mass and ruthlessly killing blameless adolescents in spaces of the district they have attacked up until now. As indicated by the President, the TPLF fear-monger bunch is ravaging private and public properties in the towns and towns it attacked. Composed measures are being taken in cooperation between the public armed force, the Amhara Special Force and Militia, and the adolescent power called Fano, he added. 


Gizachew Muluneh the head of Amhara local correspondence authority informed nearby correspondents that the provincial government was at present occupied with battling with powers faithful to Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) who he portrayed as aggressors. 


In the preparation, Gizachew blamed TPLF for working together with what he portrayed as inside adversaries like the Oromo Liberation Army (Often alluded to by government authorities as OLF/Shane), Benishangul Liberation Front, and 'outside foes' to unleash ruin in the Amhara district. 


Gizachew contended that TPLF and its partners were killing, uprooting, and plundering for such a long time. He said, "They have made pseudo marriage/collusion and are attacking us," he said. He clarified that the intrusion was not restricted to Amhara and Afar. He blamed TPLF and its partners for attacking and making disorder in Benishangul, Oromia, and around Sudan line regions.

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