What's new with artist Maramawit?


This year Guma grant is held in Ethiopian aircraft's new lodging 'Lookout window inn'. The specialists were at their absolute best in the honor including their dressing and hairdos. 


Maramawit Abate, Fenan Hidru, Lidian Solomon, and Mekdes Tibebu were among the contention dressers. Their design dress was not normal in Ethiopia. Furthermore, many have inquired as to why they didn't utilize social dresses that can advance the countries rich customs. 


Uplifting news 


Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Technical and Vocational Employment Agency reported that the second round of deforestation will be held at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 


Chief General of the Agency, Beshir Abdurahman; said 4,584 hectares of backwoods will cover the second round of the Renaissance Dam. 


He said the water level is relied upon to be multiple times higher than in the first round. 


He said the office agreed with Ethiopian Electric Power last week to complete the clearing. 


As indicated by the arrangement, the expense will be more than 81 million birrs.

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