The Helpless souls in chena


Menelik Television presents The Helpless spirits in Chena. In light of the 2007 Census led by the CSA, this woreda has a complete populace of 158,449, of whom 78,150 are men and 80,299 ladies; 11,629 or 7.34% of its populace are metropolitan tenants. Most of the occupants were Protestants, with 43.62% of the populace announcing that conviction, 40.84% rehearsed Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, 7.95% rehearsed conventional convictions, 3.9% were Muslim, and 3.09% accepted Catholicism. 


In the 1994 public enumeration, Chena had a populace of 153,646, of whom 75,745 were men and 77,901 ladies; 12,887 or 8.39% of its populace were metropolitan inhabitants. The four biggest ethnic gatherings announced in this woreda were the Kafficho (75.76%), the Bench (16.19%), the Oromo (3.5%), and the Amhara (2.73%). 


Any remaining ethnic gatherings made up 1.82% of the populace. Kafa was communicated in as a first language by 75.43% of the occupants, 18.36% spoke Bench, 3.6% communicated in Amharic, and 3.09% spoke Oromiffa; the excess 5.6% communicated in any remaining essential dialects reported. Concerning instruction, 16.97% of the populace were viewed as proficient; 12.45% of kids matured 7–12 were in grade school; 2.77% of the youngsters matured 13–14 were in junior auxiliary school, and 2.13% of the occupants matured 15–18 were in senior optional school.

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