Hachalu's brother spoke after 9 months


Effectively in power for close to thirty years, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPF) of Ethiopia, finally, is advancing toward their end days and as we say here in the Horn of Africa, "they are causing their own defeat".

The TPF has been Africa's, if not the world's, for the most part terrible, barbarous, damaging framework as far back as 30 years. Taken out from public power in Ethiopia during the calm agitation of 2018, the concordance deal the USA took care of left them holding out in their home domain of Tigray, maybe the humblest minority.

Offering sanctuary to required evildoers and subsequently sending their paid experts to submit murder and ethnic uproar across Ethiopia these past two years, the PLF has given a brave exertion to convey ruin to the country, toward the day's end, "causing their own destruction".

The disdain felt all through Ethiopia if the appraisals being voiced in around six tongues through satellite TV is anything to oversee us by, setting these crooks in their grave for the keep going time is well beyond due. The Ethiopian Parliament cast a polling form altogether to support doing as such with all of the various ethnic-based gatherings participated in this.

While the world was busy with the US political race, the TPF dispatched an attack on an Ethiopian National Defense Forces (NDF) coordination situated in Tigray, clearly needing to get weapons. The attack tumbled at this point Ethiopian blood was shed and lives were lost by a framework that claims to be their fellow Ethiopians.

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