Special holiday program with the 13-year-old Ethiopian pilot Kidus Yeshiwas


Special occasion program with the 13-year-old Ethiopian pilot Kidus Yeshiwas, the child of Yeshiwas Assefa. In view of that, the consistently in front of the workmanship bend, Meskerem Assegued, has quite recently opened Zoma School in Mekanisa where the emphasis is on four-year-olds being instructed in a palatable schoolyard! Get this – cows for draining, gardens for developing new vegetables, and a kitchen for the kindergarteners to learn through active experience; all dependent on the Zoma instructional method of craftsmanship. 


Anthropologist, keeper, essayist, and originator of Zoma Contemporary Art Center, Meski has all the while opened the Zoma Museum expressing, "The exhibition hall is here to uncover vernacular engineering, addressing nearby necessities using neighborhood materials and strategies, which have kept going millennia. 


It is a chance for all to investigate neighborhood conventional information in a public spot… customary space loaded up with elevating and advanced craftsmanship." On the opposite part of town in Bole Rwanda, however not a super durable space Yours Truly. praised their twentieth Anniversary in a joint effort with the Tesfahun Kibru Show, an assembly of craftsmanship, industry, and advancement at Yucca House, Capital's Head Office. 


It was a first on many records, presenting guests to workmanship up-cycling and applied compelling artwork. "The show was a perfection of three years of trials by the gifted craftsman Tesfahun Kibru in a recreation center inside a modern setting.

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