Interview with Artist Yirdaw Tenaw


Yirdaw Tenaw reacts to the reports about him. The Kebero is a huge hand drum utilized in the Orthodox Christian formality. More modest kebero drums might be utilized in mainstream festivities. The Negarit, played with a bent stick, is generally found in a mainstream setting like regal capacities or the declaration of announcements, however, it has a ritualistic capacity among Beta Israel. 


The Gurage and certain different populaces in the swamps regularly play the atamo, a little hand drum now and then made of mud. In Gambela Region, the Anuak indicates three various types of drums: the anedo (little drum), the odola (medium drum), and the bul (large drum), with various cadenced examples joined to specific melodies classifications. 


Ethiopia is a musically customary country. Famous music is played, recorded, and paid attention to, yet most artists additionally sing customary tunes, and most crowds decide to pay attention to both well-known and conventional styles. A long-standing well-known melodic practice in Ethiopia was that of metal groups, imported from Jerusalem as forty Armenian vagrants (Arba Lijoch) during the rule of Haile Selassie. 


This band, which showed up in Addis Ababa on 6 September 1924, turned into the main authority symphony of Ethiopia. Before the finish of World War II, huge ensembles went with vocalists; the most unmistakable symphonies were the Army Band, Police Band, and Imperial Bodyguard Band.

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