The unheard mystery of the Ethiopian alphabet and seasons by Dr. Rodas


Meeting with Megabi Haddis Dr. Rodas Tadesse about the unheard secret of the Ethiopian letter set and seasons and the secret of blossoms. The Ethiopian letter set or Amharic letters is otherwise called Ethiopic or Geez is one of the most seasoned utilized on the planet. Ethiopic is a great phonetic syllabary, with the additional benefit of not being influenced by spelling mistakes normal with the Latin letter set. 


This letter set is utilized by numerous Ethiopian dialects and the different subsets incorporate Agew, Amharic, Awingi, Bench, Bilen, Dawro, Dizi, Gamo-Gofa, Geez, Gumuz, Guragie, Kayla, Kunful, Meen, Mursi, Oromiffa, Qimant, Quara, Suri, Tigre, Tigrigna and Xamtang dialects with their own and covering character sets. 


The explanation is straightforward: every glyph addresses a phoneme or sound. However, this benefit accompanies its own hindrances. The Amharic letters or letter sets are generally found in a network design with the vowels arranged on a level plane and the consonants in an upward direction. 


By utilizing these network frameworks, one can without much of a stretch get familiar with the Ethiopian letter set. This phonetic letter set was physically composed until the appearance of the print machine which started to be used in Ethiopia as right on time as 1910. From that point forward, the person set of around 500 glyphs has been normalized by Unicode, an association that gives an interesting number to each character.

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