Interview with artist Fassil Shemeles


Two collections at 14 years old, craftsman Fassil Shemeles. Likewise, know about different specialists that can draw from life however battle with regards to making show-stoppers from their memory and creative mind. Right away, I was confused: how could somebody who can draw from life not draw a basic human figure without a model? The appropriate response lies in their absence of knowledge of valuable drawing, human life structures, and attracting point of view. 


These craftsmen can draw from life simply by duplicating what they see, without a genuine comprehension of what lies underneath the model's skin. Capable specialists draw what they know. Learning the basic guidelines, standards, and procedures of the drawing will assist your capacity with drawing from your memory and creative mind, which you will discover in the Drawing Academy exercises. 


Think about workmanship supplies and having the option to take advantage of them is certainly an expertise a fine craftsman must-have. Have you at any point seen an expert golf player who doesn't have the foggiest idea how to hold a golf club? I haven't. Why then, at that point are there such countless craftsmen who don't have the foggiest idea how to hold a pencil the right way? 


I think that it is bizarre that the quantity of workmanship items continually extends while the nature of craftsmanship goes down. Have you at any point purchased craftsmanship materials with the expectation that they would be the sorcery element for making a work of art? Was the fine art as great as you imagined? Here are the mysterious workmanship producers don't need you to know: your abilities will make the craftsmanship incredible, not workmanship supplies. Obviously, it assists with having great pencils, paints, brushes, and so forth. However, the enchanted fixing is you and your abilities. Put resources into your specialty instruction first.

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