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Video of Hanan Tarq’s Daughter’s Birthday

To begin with, you are quite correct about the issue; Africa’s immunization rate has reached dangerous levels. I’d want to point out that the AstraZeneca vaccine is a non-profit product. The immunization does not generate any revenue for us. This is all part of our mission, and it’s maybe the most important piece of AstraZeneca’s contribution to humanity during the epidemic, as well as the foundation for our relationship with Oxford.

True, Oxford University was looking for a collaborator who would not profit financially from the vaccination throughout the outbreak. In February and March, however, massive volumes of vaccinations began to pour into Africa via Kovacs. The Indian government’s decision to ban exports because of the dreadful second wave that was developing in India was one of the key factors that triggered the current vaccine scarcity.

As a result, the Serum Institute of India, one of the largest vaccine makers in the world, has been unable to export, but this is set to change later this year. Both India and the Serum Institute have pledged their support. We’re currently working closely with Kovacs to ensure a smooth transition.

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