Veronica Adane said she had stopped preforming on club stages

The provided text touches upon several critical issues concerning ambulance services and road conditions in Ethiopia.

Veronica Adane, a well-known figure in Ethiopian entertainment, mentioned that she has ceased performing on club stages, although the reasons behind her decision are not specified.

There are significant challenges related to road access and safety that are affecting the effectiveness of ambulance services. The text suggests that the growing number of vehicles in Addis Ababa is overwhelming the road infrastructure, hindering the swift movement of ambulances. Even when drivers are willing to yield to ambulances, the lack of space on the roads can lead to delays in emergency responses.

The text also highlights a lack of awareness and indifference among some drivers who may not realize that an ambulance is behind them or may prioritize their own destination over giving way to emergency vehicles.

In addition to road-related challenges, there is a concern about the equipment available in ambulances. Some ambulances are reported to have limited medical equipment, such as only one old oxygen tank. This shortage of essential equipment can compromise the quality of care provided during transportation.

Furthermore, there is a call for ambulances to be fully equipped not just for transportation but also for delivering critical medical care while in transit. This includes having necessary medical tools like intubation kits, oxygen, and suction equipment on board.

Despite the limitations of many older ambulances due to funding constraints and a shortage of trained personnel, they remain essential for transporting patients to hospitals, even if they lack a complete set of medical equipment.

Overall, the text highlights the complex challenges faced by ambulance services in Ethiopia, encompassing issues related to road infrastructure, driver behavior, and the availability of medical equipment, all of which impact the delivery of emergency medical services in the country.

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