They gave her a gift of 1M birr

Seifu Fantahun is a renowned Ethiopian television host, comedian, and producer who has had a significant influence on the country’s entertainment sector. Seifu, who is well-known for his affable demeanor and sharp humor, rose to fame thanks to his wildly successful chat show, “Seifu on EBS,” which airs on the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) network.

With its distinctive fusion of interesting interviews, hilarious comedic sketches, and fascinating musical performances, “Seifu on EBS” has captured viewers’ attention. By inviting a wide range of guests into his show, ranging from celebrities and singers to politicians and significant persons from numerous professions, Seifu exhibits his remarkable interviewing abilities. He probes deeply into their personal lives, professional endeavors, and current events during these conversations, giving viewers an interesting look into their lives.

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