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“Mulualem Girma: The Extraordinary Connection Between a Fearless Ethiopian Woman and Hyenas”

In the town of Harar, located in eastern Ethiopia, a unique and courageous bond exists between one remarkable woman, Mulualem Girma, and one of Africa’s most feared carnivores, the hyena. This extraordinary relationship has earned her the nickname “The Hyena Whisperer.”

Harar has a longstanding tradition of feeding wild hyenas at night, a practice aimed at deterring them from attacking livestock and humans. However, Mulualem Girma has taken this age-old custom to new heights. With her extensive experience in interacting with hyenas, she has forged an exceptional spiritual connection with these creatures, considering them a part of her own family.

Mulualem Girma’s story has gained global attention through documentaries and news articles, shedding light on the intricate and sometimes surprising bonds that can develop between humans and wildlife, even in what might appear to be perilous circumstances. Her work not only showcases the harmonious coexistence between people and wildlife but also highlights the importance of collaborative efforts to safeguard both these incredible creatures and the way of life of the local community.

Her tale serves as a unique and inspirational account of how humans and wildlife can coexist in Ethiopia, demonstrating the potential for understanding and cooperation between two seemingly disparate worlds.

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