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The story of Josi and Hiwi

He chose me. Even if they’re better than me, Josi and Hiwi’s narrative is compelling. The total number of interbank transactions processed by ETS increased by 41.5 percent over the previous year, which ended on June 30, 2020, according to the annual report. In comparison to the plan, over 23.3 million interbank transactions were eligible for free cash withdrawal, resulting in a 109 percent success rate.

The banking industry handled over 2.9 million POS transactions worth over 7.4 billion birrs over the given time, whereas ETS handled 109, 506 interbank transactions worth over 7.4 billion birrs. The full-scale interoperability of POS terminals was launched early last fiscal year.

Interbank POS activity lags behind ATM performance, according to NBE Governor Yinager Dessie, who recently highlighted the need for change at a recent event. He emphasized that it is the responsibility of banking institutions to educate the public in order to encourage non-cash transactions via POS.

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