The incident of the Ethiopian flight attendant

A tragic incident has left everyone heartbroken. A flight attendant, Kidist Kebede, who had dedicated over four years to serving Ethiopian Airlines, was struck by an airline car in the staff parking lot. Tesfahun Tsegaye shared this devastating news on social media, expressing a plea for protection from such sorrowful events.

Kidist Kebede, my closest friend and a dedicated flight attendant, recently concluded her final flight from China on June 12, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. She safely arrived in Ethiopia and was in the process of retrieving her luggage to reunite with her eagerly awaiting family and friends.

The tragedy struck unexpectedly and abruptly in the staff parking lot, a designated area where vehicles are required to adhere to a speed limit of 15 km per hour. The impact has sent shockwaves of sorrow not only through Kidist’s loved ones but also the airline community at large.

Kidist had made the decision to conclude her career as a flight attendant, with this flight marking her last journey to China. The news that she and her companion were preparing to embark on married life added a poignant layer to the tragedy, making it feel as though the promise of tomorrow has been robbed of its meaning, leaving behind a sense of emptiness.

My deepest condolences extend to Kidist’s friends, family, and all those who anxiously awaited her return. The loss of a cherished friend due to an unforeseen accident is an experience laden with pain and sorrow. Coping with this kind of loss is a uniquely individual process, with grief manifesting in various ways.

In the initial stages, disbelief may cloud the mind as the reality of the situation proves difficult to fathom. Subsequently, an overwhelming sense of sadness takes over as the void created by the loss is mourned, along with the dreams of a shared future. Feelings of anger might arise, accompanied by a profound questioning of the unjust circumstances that led to this tragedy.

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