The difficult journey of an Ethiopian artist who was homeless

Ahmed Znabu, the executive director of the Ramzin Group, boasts, “There’s no challenge I can’t conquer with excellence.” He steers the largest business enterprises in Dubai and extends his influence to international realms, particularly as a pioneering force in Dubai’s real estate sector.

After completing his high school education, Ahmed embarked on his business journey in Dubai, marking the inception of his career. Transitioning to Dubai, United Arab Emirates two decades ago, he navigated through a tapestry of trials and triumphs. With an unwavering determination, he asserts that when he sets his sights on a goal, no force can deter him—a testament to his “why not?” attitude.

In the expansive workforce of Ramzin Group, a significant majority comprises Ethiopian professionals. Ahmed Ramzin underscores the prowess of Ethiopians as adept experts across diverse domains, which fuels the group’s success.

As an industrious entrepreneur, Ahmed champions the cause of generating employment opportunities for fellow compatriots in diaspora. His endeavors inspire individuals to embrace labor and aspire to monumental objectives.

The prominence of Ramzin Group is notably burgeoning within the real estate sector, renowned for presenting opulent apartments and townhouses that define luxury to Dubai’s residents.

On a personal note, Ahmed’s achievement as a triumphant business magnate within this cosmopolitan landscape shatters the confines of the “impossible” for many of us. His journey instills formidable morale, propelling us towards ambitious aspirations.

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