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The best wedding dance of the year

No matter how you envision the music for your wedding reception—spanning a substantial four to five hours, roughly translating to 80 to 100 songs when you’ve enlisted a DJ or 50 to 60+ songs with a live band—meticulous collaboration is key during the planning phase. The charm of wedding reception music lies in its versatility: it can encompass a medley of genres, eras, and styles that resonate with both of you.

Keanna O’Quinn from Sonic Sommelier suggests, “I often describe the wedding playlist as the melodic backdrop to the couple’s unique love story. It’s important for couples to weave in songs that deeply connect with their identities. Any melody that evokes the reasons behind their love is an excellent starting point, and integrating tracks linked to cherished memories with loved ones holds immense significance. The music should harmoniously blend tunes associated with their most cherished life moments.”

Be it a band, a handful of musicians, or a DJ at your disposal, after a few discussions, everyone involved will gain a lucid comprehension of the overall itinerary for the day. This encompasses specific requests for pivotal moments during your wedding reception, such as the first dance track or essential dance floor hits. However, there comes a juncture where you need to entrust the talent you’ve engaged to gauge the crowd’s energy and conjure enchantment.

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