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Tariku Baba, an artist, gave a testimonial at Ketsla Mariam

Is our industry truly diverse? Plastic Waste Reduction in the Environment Increasing the Economic Benefit to the Community Megan Oberholzer, Reed Exhibitions South Africa Portfolio Director Travel, Tourist & Creative Industries, believes that conservation and community are Africa’s most valuable tourism assets. As a result, Africa is a global leader in responsible tourism, and the awards give a platform for deserving initiatives to gain well-deserved worldwide acclaim.

“Don’t miss out on your chance to help highlight not just your remarkable responsible tourism activities, but also Africa as a continent that actually cares about people, places, and the environment. There are a lot of fantastic programs in Africa that deserve to be recognized as outstanding examples of responsible tourism, and you only have a month to submit your ideas. To win, you have to be in it,” Oberholzer says.

The World Responsible Tourism Awards, according to Harold Goodwin, WTM’s Responsible Tourism Advisor, have gained in stature. “Every year, the Awards ‘find’ and acknowledge exceptional new instances of ethical enterprises and locations.

For the first time in 2021, we will introduce Global Awards for each category, which will be chosen from the Gold winners in each of the areas. Only those who apply have a chance to win, so there’s nothing to lose by applying or urging someone else to do so,” Goodwin says.

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