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Representatives of the Federal Majlis, Addis Ababa Majlis, and Oromia Majlis, along with Mrs. Lydia Girma, Head of the City Peace and Security Office of Addis Ababa City Administration, and Commissioner Getu Argau from the Addis Ababa Police Commission, gathered at the Ministry of Peace office.

The leaders from the Majlis expressed their purpose of establishing a committee to address issues related to the Maskids area. Their goal is to collaboratively engage with relevant government bodies to find sustainable solutions to the problems.

Recent incidents involving the destruction of mosques in Sheger city of the Oromia region had the potential to spark unrest. The situation escalated during two consecutive Friday prayer days, leading to property damage, physical harm, and loss of life. This meeting emphasized the needless nature of these damages and highlighted the need for preventive measures.

A Majlis representative affirmed the committee’s commitment to resolving arising issues through open and constructive discussions, echoing the sentiments expressed during the discussion forum.

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